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Saturday, September 3rd, 2005
10:23 pm
You are Agonistic

You're not sure if God exists, and you don't care.
For you, there's no true way to figure out the divine.
You rather focus on what you can control - your own life.
And you tend to resent when others "sell" religion to you.
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11:45 am
Man, I am seriously horrified at the images I see on TV about the hurricane. I'm just wondering, why is it taking so long for us to fucking help these people? This is America, right? We're always so eager to jump in and help other countries but now when our own country is in one of the greatest times of need, we're slow as shit to help. I don't get it, maybe I'm missing something. I tell myself it has nothing to do with race or economic standing, but I don't know anymore. Seems like somethin's going on...

But in any case, if you can donate, please do:

And also, don't forget about all the animals!!!

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Monday, August 29th, 2005
5:38 pm
I am back...again
Okay, so life has gotten a bit more into a groove, so I'm going to try to keep up with this again. Basically, life is good, working in DC now. It's okay, definitely not what I want to do forever. Lately I've had a feeling that I want to do something that actually helps some cause. That's sounds totally corny but it's fuckin' true. I'm thinking of working for an animal rights organization or doing something to help kids in Africa. I have a client who sets up refugee camps in Sudan and I am very interested in their work. I don't, we'll see what happens. ;-P For now, I'm happy because my biatch of a boss is leaving.

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Monday, February 7th, 2005
3:23 pm
I'm not dead!
Goooooooooooooodddd lord! It's been so long! I have been so incredibly busy I have completely neglected my poor 'lil journal.

I graduated college in January and I am now temping for the advertising agency I interned at last semester. It's a great place, I'm here till Wednesday. Then I start my new job on Thursday! Oh, the excitement is too much! I'll be working for a media/advertising monitoring company called Video Monitoring Services of America (www.vmsinfo.com). I'll be an account services assistant for the first few months, then I will hopefully be promoted to an account service representative. It seems like a fun job - can't wait to start!

How is everyone? Anything new happening?

Please let me know how everyone and everything is!


PS - Has anyone else heard the duet with Michael Buble and Nelly Furtado called Quando, Quando, Quando?! LOVE IT!

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Thursday, November 4th, 2004
5:48 pm
Do I look like her?????
I have been told several times lately I look like Julia Roberts?

What do ya'll think?

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Monday, July 12th, 2004
2:39 pm
Me on the 4th!!!!
My dress was toooooo cute!! ;-)

title or description

title or description
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Saturday, July 3rd, 2004
3:24 pm
I'M BACK!!!!!!
Hahaha! Wow, it's been SO long since I've posted! Ever since I have been home from school...without a high-speed connection I might add...I have been really busy. I work all day, everyday so that limits my time. Plus I have fuckin' internet police watching at my job so I can't log onto sites which might spark attention! Gotta love "big brother." Anyhoo, things have been awesome lately...so great. I am working in my same position at work, adm. assistant, but I have also been "interning" with the marketing department there. I'm not offically an intern, I just help out. But it's so damn great to finally be able to get some hands on marketing/PR experience! I love it, it's exactly what I see myself doing for a career. Annnnnnddd, I got offered an internship for the fall! Yay! It's a small ad agency called Nasuti & Hinkle...I'm so excited to work there. I interviewed at another agency called gkv Communications but they just didn't seem like the right "fit" as an intern...definitely as an employee but not an intern. They called me back for a second interview but I declined. I got my hair cut mad cute too! I need to get a pic taken so I can post. If anyone watches the Real World, it looks like Robin's hair. I love it!

Anyhoo, enough babbling shit. I'll post later...seriously, I will! Peas everyone!

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Sunday, June 6th, 2004
8:34 am
Damn...busy day ahead. I have something MAJOR going on tomorrow - well actually, it's more major for my baby but what's major for him is major for me. I am excited and nervous at the same time, I hope all works out and goes well! Regardless, I couldn't be more proud of him...he's worked so damn hard to get to this point and I admire everything he's done.

Ya'll probably wonder what the hell I'm talkin' about! I'll post tomorrow with the details, but either way, wish him luck (and a little for me)!!!!!!

Current Mood: anxious
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Sunday, May 30th, 2004
1:14 pm
Yay, yah...my baby returns tomorrow! I miss him oh so much...can't wait to see him! :) Just been chillin' this past week, I've worked a little bit on redoing my room - it's starting to look really good. Since I'll be living at home next semester, I needed to take my room from "teenage" to adult...meaning get rid of all my dorky collages I made and finally making it look like a fuckin' 21 yr. old lives in it! It's cute though, I can't wait to paint it cuz the paint is a mess from all the shit I've taped to the wall year after year.

Been shopping a little lately, but I've been budgeting myself well, haven't been overly charging shit and I can't wait to make some moola and pay my cards off...finally.

Off to attempt to do my hair, this weather sux.
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Thursday, May 27th, 2004
9:46 am
Update, update!!!
Feels like I haven't posted in a long time!!! What's new with me...hummmm?? Well, I've been battling with my professor and the department chair to get my Spanish grade changed and both have said no sooooo, I'm going to the Committee on Academic Standards and Policies to have it reviewed to see if it merits an "official" review. I know I'm right, I just need someone else in this damn administration to view it that was too. What's up with all this bureaucracy and policy crap!? Why can't I just receive the grade I earned and deserve? I don't deserve a spite "B" and that's what it is for, spite...I know it. Other than that, my grades were pleasantly surprising in a good way. Here's what I got:
Marketing Research...A
Int'l Business.......B+
Microeconomics.......C (hey, I thought I was going to get a C- by the skin of my teeth!!!)
SPANISH..............B, but technically an A!!!!

Not bad, not bad if I must say so myself. If I get my A that I so rightfully deserve, I'll have a 3.3 for the semester! I'm happy with that!

What else is new? My baby is away in Myrtle Beach for the week and I miss him sooooooo freakin' much!!!! We talk once or twice a day but damn I miss him. :( Can't wait till Monday or Tuesday when he comes home!!! *Big Smiles* :D

Goin' to Old Navy later today - might buy a dress or something. Hopefully they have some cute skirts that aren't mini since me being 5'8"...I don't particularly like miniskirts. They quite micro on me! I got a bathing suit...yayayyyyyyyyyy! I've wanted a new one for a while but my size seems to be popular in bathing suits...but this one it cute. It's a pink (of course!) tankini by Ralph Lauren...originally like $90 but I got it for $67...pretty good deal for RL. It's mad cute, I love it! Also bought some tanks at the Gap, once again they don't have many in my size, but I found a few. I need to stop spending, I really don't have any money. Actually, I didn't spend that much and I plan on paying off all my cards when I get paid...NOT my transferred balances but just what's left on the cards. ;) hehehe.

Anyhoo, here's a cute pic of me and my girl Michelle!!!!
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Chillin' on her farm...(I'm on the left as you know)!

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Saturday, May 22nd, 2004
1:54 pm

Friend Bear
You are everyone's ideal friend because you are sincere and genuinely kind. Sometimes you worry about your friends' problems so much, you forget about your own responsibilities, which can get you into trouble. For you, it's the little things that really count. You also happen to be the main driver of the Cloud Car. No speeding!

Packing my dorm suuuuuxxxxxxxxxxx!!!!! My girl Michelle graduated today!!! Yayyyyyyy...except shes movin' back to AZ so that kinda blows. Damn, I can't wait till next May when it'll be Sara's turn to graduate!!!! ;)

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Thursday, May 20th, 2004
5:35 pm
My wish list!!
Feel free to purchase any of the items below for me......... ;)

title or descriptiontitle or descriptiontitle or description
title or descriptiontitle or description
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8:24 am
Pissed the hell OFF...
I am really pissed off right now. Tell me if this shit is fair; my Spanish professor gave me a B for the course b/c I had more than 4 absences - she lowered me from an A to a B because of that shit! What the hell is that about? Obviously if I had an A I knew the material...this is college, why are your going to penalize a student who worked hard for missing some classes? We had the class 5 days a week. I'm going to get my A - that's what I deserve and bet your asses I'm gonna get it. No matter what it takes.

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Tuesday, May 18th, 2004
7:10 pm
So true...love this picture
title or description

That is so fuckin' true! Prices are ridiculous...it used to cost me, max, $12.00 to fill my tank now I'm up to almost $19.00. Damn, that's an increase! Where's the fuckin' government intervention when you need it? No where. But when you don't want it, they're regulating everything.

I'm on my way to VA now. But first I have to put GAS in my car. I like my arm - wonder if they'll take a foot?

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Monday, May 17th, 2004
8:59 pm
Can't fuckin' study anymore. I cannot wait for tomorrow to be O.V.E.R! I'm going to bed and waking up to study some more at 5:00am. Zzzzzzzzz.....:)

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4:35 pm
Grades so far...
So far I have:
Marketing research methods.........A
Basic conditioning.................A

Can you believe I actually have a 4.0 right now!!! Hahaha...it won't stay that way! Here's what I'm expecting overall:
Int'l business.....................B

That's best case scenario too - dammit, that better be my fuckin' grades! If it weren't for that C...errrrrrrrr.

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Friday, May 14th, 2004
8:34 am
My baby boy!!!
Me and my adorable doggie Bimmer...he's soooooo cute!!!! :)
title or description

title or description

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Wednesday, May 12th, 2004
2:19 pm
Ewwwwww, they're here! Anyone on the East Coast can feel me when I say, ewwwwwww!

They're Here -- Cicada Cycle Fascinates Regions

By Maggie Fox, Health and Science Correspondent:
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The first cicada of the season sat on the doorstep like a mutant bumblebee, with red eyes and yellow legs.

But, apparently alarmed by the appearance of a human, it tumbled off the shallow step, landing helplessly on its back. Its yellow legs wiggled frantically to no effect.

How could anything so stupid and clumsy survive, and prosper in such huge numbers? Billions, probably trillions, of cicadas are emerging this month across the eastern United States in a monster swarm known as Brood X or brood 10.

Scientists plan to study the mass coming out of Brood X to find out. Did their bizarre 17-year cycle evolve because they are such easy preys, or did it allow them to evolve into the clumsy, noisy creatures that they are?

"Brood X is likely to be the largest insect emergence on Earth," said Keith Clay, a cicada expert at Indiana University at Bloomington.

Starting this week, across much of the eastern United States, from Georgia north to southern New York and as far west as Illinois, the cicadas will emerge from their 17 years of sucking on tree roots underground to engage in a two-week orgy of calling, mating, laying eggs and then dying.

And things that eat cicadas, from fish and birds to dogs, will gorge on them in a mad frenzy.

If history is anything to go by, their noise will drive barbecues indoors, disrupt weddings and graduations and waken children. Then they will die en masse.

"They rot very quickly and they smell really bad for a few days and will disappear on their own," Clay said.


Clay says cicadas can reach densities of up to a ton an acre, or 3,000 kg per hectare. He believes humans are altering the environment to make it more hospitable to cicadas, by creating little patches of forest that have lots of edges -- which the insects appear to prefer.

Understanding cicadas could help scientists understand other animals whose life cycles are affected by human activity, including white-tailed deer and the ticks that carry Lyme disease, Clay told a news conference at the National Science Foundation, which sponsors his work.
Cicadas are notable not only for their vast numbers, but also the noise they make. Different species have different calls, says University of Connecticut biologist Christine Simon.

"(One species) sound like flying saucers from a 1950s science fiction film," Simon said. Another species sounds like "somebody took water and threw it into hot fat. It is a loud, sizzling noise," she said.

The thumb-sized insects are found in many countries around the world but the dramatic periodical cicadas of the genus Magicicada are found only in eastern North America. There are seven known species with 17- and 13-year life cycles.

Simon believes the 17-year cicadas evolved when the 13-year cicadas, for whatever reason, developed a four-year dormancy period.

She also believes some dramatic climatic disturbance since the last Ice Age 10,000 years ago favored the development of the 17-year cycle. The cicadas locked in the behavior.

"I think it's just an accident that they became periodical," Simon said.

Scientists agree the mass emergency of billions of bugs has allowed the cicadas to survive even though just about anything will eat them.

"We prefer the term 'predator foolhardy' to stupid," Simon said.

But she notes not all their behavior is overly bumbling. For instance, when a male calls a female his buzz takes one tone, and the female makes a flicking sound to answer during a lull. The male's call changes substantially after that.

"He'll start pawing her front legs," she said. His mechanical-sounding whir will change again, to a kind of chuckling. "While he's doing that, he'll mate with her," Simon said.
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Tuesday, May 11th, 2004
6:31 pm
my little pony
You're My Little Pony!! Sweet and innocent and
happy, you make people want to spew burrito
chunks. Even a Care Bear could kick your ass.

What childhood toy from the 80s are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

My stress is finally subsiding for now. I'm finished basically all my projects and they finally fixed my AC and it's on...sooooo soothing. I'm actually comfortable - it's great! :)

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Saturday, May 8th, 2004
6:32 pm
A quick post to tell ya'll that I don't want to do anymore work! I'm at the library right now and I'm getting a lot done but I want to stop sooooo damn bad! I'm hungry as hell too and my car has NO gas in it so I don't wanna go driving around. I am actually being pretty productive and I'm happy 'bout that! Hope everyone has an awesome weekend! :)

Happy Mama's Day!!!!!

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